Predictably Drunk is back! Season three of the popular podcast kicks off with a familiar face as Comedian and Reality TV Star, Steph Garcia re-joins the show to talk about her new show on The Food Network, Worst Bakers In America, (debuting Sunday, October 2nd), her big show at the Roseville Theatre on Saturday, October 15th and why she has decided to quit Facebook for good.

Plus, Sam reviews a beer from Strike Brewing in San Jose, California and stupid/drunken news takes us to Florida (shocking).

For tickets to Steph’s show at the Roseville Theatre: Comedy Night Tickets

For more information on Worst Bakers In America, go to: http://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/worst-bakers-in-america.html

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Noah Gain from the “Shane & Gain Podcast” sits down with Sam at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco to discuss Noah’s start in comedy, his infertility discovery and the green room faux pas that caused him to get the nickname, “D’Angelo”. Plus, Jeff Koenig delivers awful  pick up lines and both he and Noah reveal how they are victims of a fellow comedian.

Plus, Matt re-joins the show to discuss his newborn son, what his first drink was after the birth and why drinking beer has become more difficult after having a child.

Additionally, we review Deschutes Brewery’s  Black Butte Porter, as well as Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Chelada.

And in Stupid/Drunken news, we find out what cities in the United States, are the most drunk.

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gorilla drink


In a jam packed show, Matt and Sam talk about the podcast’s new logo, Matt’s recent diaper party where Sam was late and failed to bring diapers. Additionally, the boys talk about the recent controversy about the gorilla being shot at the zoo. Plus, Matt goes to “Trivia Night” on purpose and Sam’s friend almost gets blown to smithereens by a bomb.

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Sam and Matt trade drunken stories of yesteryear. From throwing up in taxi cabs, to peeing in bushes. And which one of the two of them jumped out of a hotel window without ever spilling a drop of his beer? Find out in this week’s episode of Predictably Drunk: Smart People Talking About Stupid Things.

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Sam and Matt discuss some of the unwritten rules of comedy. In other word,s the nonsense rules that people are too lazy to write down and post somewhere in the club for aspiring comedians to read and learn. Listen and learn what the number one unwritten rule of comedy is, and how to easily avoid it. Plus, if you think running the light isn’t a big deal, find out why you are dead wrong.


In addition, Matt can’t pronounce, or spell, Lagunitas correctly, despite the label of the beer being directly in front of him while we podcast. Ross Baker gets his verbal beatdown from your Predictably Drunk Heroes, and more! Not much more…but some…okay, very little else, but whatever. Just listen and enjoy.

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Sam returns from being on the road for comedy and discusses his recent gigs in Reno, Lake Tahoe, San Luis Obispo, and Sunnyvale as part of Rooster T. Feathers’ annual comedy competition. In addition, Matt joins in to discuss his recent back troubles that include slipped discs in his back that will require surgery.

Plus, the show welcomes it’s official announcer, Ross Baker, to the show. Ross and his “Golden Voice of Tremendousness”, come to the show from Reno, Nevada where he works as a professional announcer for live events, radio and more. Which begs the quesiton…why the hell is he slumming it with us?


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Ellis Rodriguez sits down with Sam in the green room of Tommy T’s before the Predictably Drunk Comedy All-Stars to discuss a myriad of topics. From the positives and negatives of being a good looking guy in comedy, to sharing how to pull pranks properly in the military, and even being so funny, that you make an audience member poop themselves, Ellis holds nothing back.

A semi-finalist in the Comedy Central New Talent Search and 3rd Place in the World Series of Comedy, Mr. Rodriguez has an extremely bright future in front of him. Look for him on Kevin Hart’s new project on Comedy Central, later this year.

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Sam and Matt trade drunken stories of their past. Which one of us has a propensity for stripping down to our boxers and walking around in public? Was it Sam or Matt that had a naked man throw up all over them? Plus, drunken time traveling, random photos of people in our phone and Matt has an abundance of broken clocks in his home.

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Sam discusses being recognized by people from his professional wrestling days while doing comedy. Additionally, Sam discusses the weirdest things that have happened to him once he has been recognized by fans on the street. Matt reminisces about his high school backyard wrestling federation and how he almost accidentally killed his friend by throwing him off the roof of his house.

Sam also gives tips about how to properly dispense the beer from your growler, Matt wonders aloud what a meeting between Sam and his biological father might be like and Matt calls Sam old in creative and mean ways.



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As the creator, editor, producer and host of the popular podcast, “Predictably Drunk”, I often get requests from people looking to start their own podcast, on how to get started. What equipment do they need, how do they upload it to iTunes and how long until they can retire from their day jobs do to the sheer amount of revenue your podcast will undoubtedly bring in. The answers, of course, are broad, varied and perhaps not exactly what you want to hear. But given that I have had no less than a dozen requests from fellow Stand-Up Comedians, and a handful from normal folks (I call them “normies”), I figured I would at least lend my under qualified expertise to getting someone started. In this installment, we will focus on the actual equipment. The hardware and software needed to record your sexy, sexy voice into a machine. In addition, I will attempt to give some advice that I wish someone gave me before starting my own death march to obscurity. Whoops, I meant to say podcast (damn Autocorrect).


It seems pretty obvious, right? But you would be surprised at how many times people ask me if they need a computer in order to do a podcast. Technically, the answer is no, you do not. But I promise you that your podcast will be awful and un-listenable if you do not have one. Technically speaking, of course. Personally, it doesn’t really matter what type of computer you use. Laptop, desktop, or tablet will all work. What does matter is that you:

A: Have enough memory to store all of your awesome podcasts that you will record and make a bajillion dollars off of

B: Know what operating system you are running (Apple IOS, Microsoft, etc.)

C: Have a compatible sound editing software that you are comfortable using (more on this later. What? You want to know more now? Too bad, you pushy, impatient prick. You have to wait).

Dude, I got a Dell
Dude, I got a Dell

Personally, I rely on my Dell Latitude E7440. Multiple USB inputs, HDMI cable, audio jack for headphone, and enough memory to let an Alzheimer’s patient borrow some. Since it is a Dell, I run a Microsoft operating system, and as such, I use a compatible audio editing software (see? I told you there would be more later) in Audacity. Audacity is a free program (you hear that? F-R-E-E) that allows you to manipulate your recordings in a seemingly, never ending amount of ways. From cleaning up sound artifacts from your original recordings, to laying down music tracks underneath your spoken words, and distorting your voice to make you sound better than you actually do (I use this feature A LOT). Audacity also allows you to record directly into the program and export it as an .mp3 file (AKA the file needed to publish to the interwebz) or import existing media and edit to your heart’s desire. There are other software’s out there that you can use, and I am sure they are way cooler and kick-assier than Audacity, but for the vast majority of all of us, Audacity will get the job done. Plus, did I mention it was F-R-E-E?

User Interface for Audacity
User Interface for Audacity

If you are running an Apple based operating system, you are screwed. Sorry.

Just kidding. I recommend Garage Band. Occasionally, I will record a podcast through my iPad, and as such, I need the ability to edit and upload through that app. I believe the price point is reasonable. As an app on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) it is is $4.99 and for Mac laptops, it is a F-R-E-E-mium app. Meaning the base package is a free download with in-app purchases (which I doubt you would need for a verbal podcast, but feel free to buy those synth drum kits, if you so desire).

The other reason for having a laptop/desktop/tablet is for uploading your filed to your dedicated website that you should get for your podcast. But that is a topic for another blog. That blog isn’t written yet, but trust me, if you are reading this, you have plenty to do ahead of that one.


Along with the computer where you can edit, manipulate and record your voice, you will need a device to actually speak into. In other words, you need a microphone. Can you record your voice using your computer’s built-in microphone? Can you record your voice into your smart phone’s recording mechanism? Sure. But much like not having a computer, not having a dedicated microphone to speak into, your recordings will suffer and your listenership’s ears will bleed. Unless you are in a Death Metal band, bleeding ears by your fans is typically frowned upon.

There are two basic types of microphones. USB and XLR. I have both types and cannot really recommend one type over another. When I am podcasting by myself (i.e. my guest canceled on me), and am in my home studio (garage) I tend to use my Audio-Technica AT-2020.


This is a USB condenser microphone that plugs directly into my computer, and I can record right into Audacity and edit whatever I need to edit, immediately after. This is also my set up when interviewing guest via Skype, Zoom, or whatever popular audio social media program you prefer. This microphone is extremely popular for podcasts and music recordings and as such, is priced at around $100, per. I bought two of these when I was setting up my podcasting space. They are good microphones, but honestly, you can get by with cheaper equipment than this. USB microphones also tend to have more of a “hissing” sound when listening to the raw recording, which means you tend to have to do a lot of clean up in post production, which can be a pain in the ass if you don’t like editing (no one likes editing, for the record). The other issue I have found is that if you use multiple USB microphones (i.e. a live co-host or interview), and record into Audacity, it lumps everything into a single track, which sucks…a lot. Multiple tracks allow you to individually edit each recording and make for a better finish product for your podcast. Additionally, I have experienced latency issues with these microphones (basically, your voice gets picked up on both microphones and fucks up your recording).

If you go this route, I recommend getting a mixing board. It will split the tracks and give you more immediate control over all aspects of your recording (again, more on this later)

If I am interviewing someone in the green room of a comedy club, at a festival, or in a car while traveling to a gig (I recommend not podcasting and driving, for the record), I go to my “travel” microphones Audio_Technica ATR-2100.


You can find these at most electronics stores and are infinitely cheaper than the above mentioned AT-2020s. I bought a couple of these at Fry’s Electronics and have been extremely impressed. These are an XLR based plug in, which means they will not plug into most computers directly. So going this route means that you are most likely going to need an external recorder or a mixing board. The upside to these mics is that the dreaded “hissing” sound I mentioned about USB microphones is virtually non-existent. Many times I have recorded a podcast with these mics and have been able to put some basic finishing touches on the raw audio (intro music, sound effects, etc.) and release to my adoring fans without having to mess with the audio at all. They can be a tad cumbersome to lug around versus some smaller, lighter options, but the sound quality is crucial. I liken it to a woman cramming her fat feet into a pair of high heels for a night on the town. Sure, she could wear slippers or tennis shoes and be more comfortable, but the quality of the presentation takes a hit (Was that sexist? That felt sexist. Oh well, get over it, bitches).


Pop Filters

You need these. Make sure you buy these. They make your lack of articulation on your P’s and B’s be silky smooth. These are cheap, effective and worth it.

Dirty, dirty, dirty POP
Dirty, dirty, dirty POP


Shock Mounts

This is one of those pieces of hardware that you can technically live without, but life is much better with them. Basically, if you can afford to add these, do it. Essentially, these act as a shock absorber for your microphone. Your mics slide into the mount, the mount is threaded into your microphone stand and all the normal bumps, bangs, and vibrations that a microphone is


exposed to during the recording process, are removed. At least in theory, anyway. If you decide to use your microphone as a boxing speed bag, no shock mount in the world will prevent the sound from being picked up. But most reasonable people elect NOT to physically abuse their microphones (rock stars aren’t reasonable people, they are animals and degenerates, so save me that argument), so you should be fine picking a couple of these up (one per microphone)




Sound Softening Squares

Again, a small, cheap, and simple addition to your studio/recording space that can make a large difference in sound quality. You have seen these in music and radio studios and can be purchased for cheap. Basically, what you are doing with these is preventing your own stupid voice from bouncing off the walls and coming right back at you and creating an echo chamber for your recordings. Listen, we all love the sound of our own voice, we just don’t need to hear it twice, split about a nano second a part. It will drive you nucking futs. Depending on the size of your recording area, you may have to purchase a bunch of these, but again, well worth it. And no, you don’t have to do the entire room.

The Sound (softening squares) of Silence
The Sound (softening squares) of Silence

And yes, you can do whatever crazy pattern you like. The total net area of coverage is what is important here, not what it looks like. As for what that area is, there are different schools of thought. Personally, I noticed a major uptick in sound quality once I covered roughly 25% of the wall. But I record in my garage that has a concrete floor. If you are recording where carpet is cushioning your feet, you may need less as your rug may act as a sound softener as well.


Microphone Stands

If you are going to record in the same spot each time, microphone stands are your friends. Dialing in where the mics should be in relation to you and your guests, etc., can be a bitch. And having to do it every single time is even bitchier. Mic stands allow you to lock in those mics at their ideal locations.


External Recorder/Mixing Board

This is an area that I learned I needed via experience. Basically, unless you want to lug your computer around everywhere when recording a podcast in a different location, an external audio recorder is crucial. I am not sure if I would be doing podcasts still without my Zoom H4N. This thing is my best friend. First off, it allows for multiple channel recordings, utilizes a standard SD memory card that easily pops into your laptop for post production work and has more inputs ready for use than Jenna Jameson in her prime. My XLR microphones plug into the bottom of this and the two tracks are automatically split during the recording. Which, as stated earlier, is a dream for post production. It also allows for a boom mic through an audio jack, micro USB plugs and an on board microphone for recording in a pinch. This is an expensive piece of equipment, but one that is essential if you take your podcast seriously.

Let me tell you about my BEST FRIEND
Let me tell you about my BEST FRIEND

As for mixing boards, I currently do not use one as I typically am fine with a single guest joining me. But if you want to have the Golden State Warriors starting line up on your show at the same time, then a mixing board that controls multiple microphones independently, is the way to go. Much like the recorder above, the advantage to a mixing board is that you have the ability to control mic levels, pre-load sounds, phone calls, etc. It is what most radio shows and music producers use (although theirs are extremely more sophisticated than what you will need) and allows you to record more stuff live, as opposed to dropping things in, in post production (can you tell I hate post production?)  Lots of options for mixing boards out there. I would defer you to other folks who you can Google (fuck promotimg other people, right?). But the one I am currently focused on getting is the Behringer XENYX Q1212USB. Good reviews and allows me to record up to four people in stereo at the same time. Pretty much fits all of my needs.


And that concludes the hardware/software portion of starting a podcast. There are other options, brands, and ways to podcast, but those ways are incorrect, and you are stupid to take their advice over mine. In forthcoming posts, I will discuss how to get your finished blog up onto the internet, iTunes, Stitcher and podcast sites, in general, as well as recommendations on what to podcast about, what your schedule should be and how to find guests. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at samisneat10@gmail.com.


You can listen to my podcast, Predictably Drunk on my website or on iTunes.



The latest episode of Predictably Drunk sees Sam and Matt Somerville discussing the WORST HOLIDAY MOVIES EVER. From snowmen that come alive due to a magical harmonica, to Santa Claus reuniting with his brother, and yes, even Arnold  himself, chasing down a Turbo Man for his kid, the Holidays bring us goodwill, cheer, and awful, awful movies.

Find out which Christmas Clunkers made the naughty list and be sure to thank us later when you are able to avoid these on basic cable. Remember folks, we watched these bad movies so that you don’t have to.





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Sam returns to discuss road trippin’ with Kabir Singh and Jeff Koenig down to San Diego. The two of them got into a fight at a local restaurant in the middle of the night, while Sam continued to eat everyone’s food until all three got kicked out. In addition, Sam’s biological father tried to make contact with him, too. The results did not go as planned.

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Sam Marcoux @ American Comedy Co., San Diego, CA
Sam Marcoux @ American Comedy Co., San Diego, CA

Predictably Drunk is back with a new episode recapping the recent Reno, Nevada trip. Sam talks about experiencing Reno during the MASSIVE Zombie Pub Crawl that was going on. Additionally, Sam discusses the time warp that is Carson City and avoids breaking up a fight between a hipster and a dead cowboy in the lobby of the comedy club after his show.


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Me looking rather annoyed by the zombies
Me looking rather annoyed by the zombies





Sam is back after a week away due to getting robbed and talks all about it. Additionally, Tom Brady got suspended by the NFL, The New Orleans Pelicans might have the worst team name in sports and Sam poses the question to the audience of just who is the greatest American rock band ever? Plus, some new tour dates are announced with an EXTREME guest on one of them. None other than former WWE and ECW Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam on Saturday, May 23rd at Cap’s in Brentwood, CA.

Also, Sam reveals the drunkest he has ever been and how it led to him being a bloody, vomiting mess, and as per usual, he discusses some more glaring plot holes he found in his daughter’s favorite movie, Frozen.

#PredictablyDrunk has officially shed its webcast skin and morphed into a disgusting, audio night moth. The first episode is up and running. Sam discusses the reasoning behind starting this venture, as well as why his real name sucks, why changing his name made it worse, and why guys love telling drunken stories about themselves, even if it shows them in a negative light.

Plus, the Beer Of The Week and more.