Sam takes aim at a detractor who hates podcasts and claims that he can only listen for five minutes at a maximum. So that is exactly what Predictably Drunk has done for this episode. A quick, five minute episode that hit son Bill Cosby, Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, New York Mets, The Republican Party, Miami Dolphins, stand-up comedy, Christopher John, Todd Barry and Netflix. All within five minutes!

Talk about blowing your load early!



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Jaye Williams from the “In The Galaxy Podcast,” joined Sam to countdown the top five greatest American rock bands of all time. Using their own sets of criteria, Sam and Jaye agree, and sometimes agree to disagree about what bands personify the USofA. Did your favorite band make the list? Where does Nirvana land? Does Gun N’ Roses make the cut? And who will make it to number one? Is Metallica considered one of the greatest bands in U.S. history? Find out the answers to these burning questions and more.

Jaye Williams co-hosts the wildly popular “In The Galaxy Podcast,” along with Michael Gilkison which releases new episodes weekly, if not, more often than that. Primarily focusing on music, technology and technology in music, his expertise stems from being in bands, managing bands, reviewing music, booking bands and being all around the music industry, in general.

Sam’s credentials are that he likes music…and beer.



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MONSTER episode this week as Predictably Drunk teams up with Stand Up Comedian and Sports Radio Personality Rudy O. Rudy is the host of the popular Saturday morning show, The Three Amigos on 95.7 The Game. He is also a popular Bay Area Comedian with an established following. You can find him monthly at Tommy T’s in Pleasanton, CA with his monthly showcase, Comic Sense, and bimonthly at The Englander in San Leandro, CA for Rare Form Comedy. You can also check out Rudy Ortiz on May 27th at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco, CA for the 95.7 The Game Roast of Jason Barrett.

This episode, Rudy and Sam discuss the worst team sports names, as well as answer fan mail for Rudy. Also, the Best Worst Joke of the Week is back and Sam mourns the loss of a family member, at the hands of another family member.



And we’re back with Abel Jaramillo as our guest, once again. Sam and Abel discuss what young comedians they like best, Abel’s first time doing comedy, Sam’s penchant for getting guy’s phone numbers after gigs, as well as Abel’s real favorite beer, Sam’s sister’s favorite comedian (Abel) and Abel’s idea on how to fix The Miami Dolphins. Plus, Sam blasts Abel for running the light by EIGHT minutes one night at a comedy club.



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Comedian Jeremy Curry came by again to discuss a myriad of topics. In this episode, he fixes the Los Angeles Lakers, trashes the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins AND my sister. He also shares the story of fellow comic, Charles Kelly’s infamous Los Angeles “riot,” that he started.

Check out Jeremy on March 6th and March 7th at the Bella Ultra Lounge in Oakland, CA.

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