Predictably Drunk: Man Boobs, Pants Pooping and Christopher Pilny

Blogger and Humorist, Christopher Pilny joined the show tonight and did not disappoint. The Rhode Island native explains trying to become a Country Music Singer despite not knowing how to sing, his time working as a straight male at Victoria’s Secret and of course, his development of man boobs. In addition, Christopher shares the story of how he pooped his pants his first day of college and why it is literally, a dick move not to tip baristas in Tennessee.

Plus, Sam quizzes Christopher about his lingerie knowledge, shares his disdain for Berkeley, California and how he got “mustarded”, in Nashville, Tennessee by a hot dog vendor.

Find Christopher Pilny at:

@NotRealChainsaw (Twitter)


Find Sam Marcoux at:

@TigerClawmedy (Twitter)





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