Predictably Drunk: The Adventures of Sloth and Stranger Danger (Jeremy Curry and Jeff Koenig)

On this episode of Predictably Drunk, find out why Jeff dresses up to go to work everyday, despite not having a job, hear some of the jokes that have gotten Jeff into hot water with comedy club owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and why the human cockroach was given the nickname, “Stranger Danger.” Oh, and Jeremy Curry drunkenly sits in to offer his insights into the wonderful world of Jeff and interpret all things Jeff.

Jeff AKA Stranger Danger AKA The Driver, is the unofficial wheel man for comedians in the San Francisco Bay Area and aspiring comedian who, admittedly, is not very good on stage. Between his gambling addiction, brain dead ideas, racist and sexist jokes, Jeff Koenig has managed to get himself into and out of trouble, on a daily basis. Despite his trials and tribulations, Jeff has managed to develop a cult following amongst comics including Kabir Singh, Ellis Rodriguez and this show’s other guest this week, Jeremy “Sloth” Curry.



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